Our Events: Workshops, Classes, Health & Wellness, and More!

Enlightened Steps and our practitioner Kelei Baker Leak participates in a variety of events, such as workshops, classes, and focusing on hypnosis, health and wellness with a focus on holistic health, dream interpretation, essential oils, dance and movement and more. Be sure to bookmark our page to keep up to date with all the events we are part of!

About Hypno-Moves Events

Be Free and Move!  We choose themes focusing us in on our bodies, our minds, our spirits, each other,  our planet, and our cultures. We go inward to connect to self then we go on a journey of discovery through movement with live music. You free yourself to embrace fully the joy of movement and being here on our planet now.  Co-CCreators are Kelei Baker Leak CCH, life coach & consultant and Angela Agresti, professional dancer and health coach.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

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Media: Video Discussion with Kelei and Lisa Hays