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Englightened Steps

Our Hypnotist in Indianapolis Can Help Inspire Your Life's Journey

Enlightened Steps and Kelei Baker Leak, a certified hypnotist in Indianapolis and surrounding areas such as Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, and Kokomo, specializes in many areas of hypnosis, using traditional and non-traditional methods and modalities. She is also a life coach, business consultant, and certified hypno-coach.

Hypnotherapy and life coaching with our skilled and certified practitioner can be very beneficial in helping to calm stress levels, anxiety, fears, addictions, extreme emotions, phobias, pain, headaches, and much more. We provide safe and effective help in areas such as:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Mental Wellness
  • Personal & Business Life
  • Sports Performance
  • Creativity
  • Past Life Regression

Some of our specialty areas we focus on are alien abduction memory retrieval, near death experience memory retrieval, and accident memory retrieval. Learn more about our specialties and services.

Let's Get to the Root of Your Issue and Clear Your Blocks Through Hypnosis

You are here now because you already have a plan. You know how to solve your problems, you know what you desire, you know what you fear, and you know what is holding you back from living the life you know you deserve to live; you just need some guidance.  

Enlightened Steps and Kelei can help you to quiet your over thinking left brain so you can connect to your subconscious and hear your inner voice. We can help you hear what you truly desire and help you understand why you sabotage yourself from achieving your goals. We help you to see your blocks, fears, loops, and catches, then we remove them allowing you to be in sync with your conscience, subconscious, and unconscious mind to drive your changes into action. 

Book a session now if you are ready for our life coach and hypnotist in Indianapolis and surrounding areas to help you clear your blocks and be free to be who you want to be! 

What Sets Us Apart

Kelei Baker Leak, our hypnotist in Indianapolis, provides a specialized type of coaching called hypno-coaching. Hypno-coaching combines the benefits of hypnosis with life coaching to give you a unique, comprehensive approach to give you a deeper focus and help you get to your focus quicker. We get to know you, assess your situation and listen to your goals during a free 20-minute consultation. Schedule a free 20-minute consultation now to see if you a hypno-coaching session is right for you! 

In addition to hypnosis and hypno-coaching, Enlightened Steps specializes in using life coaching skills to support the changes you are implementing. We can provide you with help in meeting and obtaining your goals, overcoming obstacles preventing your moving forward, which leads to positive changes in many areas of your life. Our hypnosis and life coach Kelei also provides business consulting to assist you with new and innovative ways to move past your specific business barriers.

About Our Practitioner Kelei

Kelei has been a coach, mentor, and business consultant for most of her professional and personal life. She assists you in clearing barriers so you can define your chosen path. She uses a customized approach to discover, shift and inspire you in your personal journey.  She found using hypnosis along with traditional and non-traditional models to be quick and effective in helping others to set their dreams into action. Her expertise enables you to move away from your repetitive patterns.

Kelei takes the time to get to the root of your issues so when you are setting your goals, the changes you have implemented last. Read more about Kelei’s biography, education and certifications.