About Our Hypnotist, Coach, and Consultant Kelei Baker Leak

Kelei Baker Leak, founder of Enlightened Steps

Kelei Baker Leak

Hypnotist, Life Coach, Business Consultant

Kelei held a career in sales and sales management for 25 years in corporate America. During that time, she also operated and managed her own business, thus providing her with traditional business operating management skills. She then decided to reach out of her traditional zone and stretch herself further by studying social expansion models under Jean Houston PhD., Doreen Virtue PhD., and Marianne Williamson, among others. Kelei wanted more tools to add to her offerings which lead her to study the field of consulting hypnosis to help people like you get past their inner filters, blocks, and disconnects so that you can truly design the changes you want to implement in your life. ​By using a combination of hypnosis and life coaching, you can create the space and focus to design, implement and stay on top of your own plan. Whatever it is that you desire to create for yourself, you can once you are clear on what you want. Kelei’s gift helps you to get clear on what you want to implement in your life and by accessing your unconscious mind you set it in place with hypnosis.

Kelei's Background & Certifications

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude IUK, IWU with a BSBM
  • Completed the Master Hypnotist Course with Work Smart Hypnosis and Atlantic Hypnosis Institute
  • Certifications: Certified Consulting Hypnotist (CCH) by the National Guild of Hypnotist (NGH)
  • Certified in RCRA, DOT

Kelei's Awards

  • Consistent Performer 15 years
  • 125% Club, 10 years
  • 110% Club, 3 years
  • 105% Club, 2 years
  • In 2000 and 2006, won the Display Optic Outstanding
    Sales Rep Performance Award twice which is a
    Corporate Wide Competition across all market channels

Kelei's Key Skills

  • Leading teams of diverse individuals to meet the needs of our customers and their own career goals.  Relationship building between internal and external departments, customers, and suppliers.
  • Navigating through changing work environments, processes, systems, and corporate policies.    
  • Specializing in process and systems analysis to optimize customer service performance for the Canadian and US Customers.
  • Managed the US inside business to business sales team to strategically penetrate specific customers and markets.
  • Managed budget growth, promotions, sales reps, trade shows, customer visits, new product launch, technical training, voice of the customer surveying, expense reports, and growth of individual sales reps territories to grow OSRAM Sylvania’s sales successfully.
  • Launching new products, significantly adding to both revenue and profits.
  • Analyzing and assessing market trends, to focus on most profitable segments.
  • Negotiation at strategic level with senior executives.
  • Creating and delivering impactful presentation.
"In this time of fear mongering it is so easy to slip into fear, anger, negative thought patterns, depression, and hopelessness. Please be kind to yourself and turn down the noise (TV, radio, electronic communication) connect with nature, the breeze, animals, flowers, art, music, children, each other and look for the light in each other. Make it your mission to make someone else smile today. Let your effort be the ripple in the puddle, pond, river, lake, ocean and see the difference we all can make one smile at a time. Be the love you want to world to feel.
Be Brave, Be Love, Be Happy!"
Kelei Baker Leak
Enlightened Steps Founder